Your automated assistant delivering intelligence
for financial crime investigations

amy 1st

Amy can answer any fraud, financial crime, AML and regulatory compliance questions in a blink of an eye

  • Tiered interactions – assistance, augmentation, automation
  • Help with AML alert and case investigations – data collection, aggregation, and analysis
  • Easily accessible information from network analysis
  • Automated customer risk scoring supporting KYC, EDD, CDD
  • Instantaneous access to data, decision logic, procedures, and regulations
amy 2nd

Amy will increase transparency and systemic use of your regulatory procedures, policies and compliance decisions

  • Ad hoc access to any aspect of desk procedures, policies, or regulations
  • Your feedback and rating captured after the automated response generation
  • Rules and regulations tied to each of the recommended regulatory action
amy 3rd

Amy will reduce your regulatory costs and increase efficiency

  • Improve handling of routine regulatory events, look-back reviews, and subpoena responses
  • Let your resources and manpower to work on more interesting and complex tasks
  • Have risks and decisions explained in plain English creating input for credible and well documented cases recommended regulatory action