Your automated compliance assistant
that helps with model risk management

amy 1st

Rick can automate, simplify and accelerate your model risk management tasks

  • Prevent risks of defective models or model misuse by collecting model performance data and evidence of model’s use
  • Map models risks, data, and parameters to policies, regulations, and your customer segments
  • Increase efficiency and capture value of the available models using the Manage function
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Rick will generate necessary model optimization statistics

  • Generate model input statistics and model performance measures and reports
  • Store generated statistics together with model descriptions in a query-able repository
  • Ask any ad hoc question about your analytical models and receive an immediate answer
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Rick will respond to your requests for regulatory knowledge and model risk management

  • Get a clear view of your firms’ risk exposure and risk concentration
  • Answer your ad hoc regulatory requests in a matter of seconds
  • Achieve data, process and rules transparency and compliance
  • Eliminate redundancy and increase IT data access security