Experienced with deductive reasoning and capable of learning

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Corey makes your analysis and problem resolutions consistent and complete

  • Relies on the core AI knowledge graph representation with numerical properties
  • Analyses complex problems and systematically decomposes them into simpler ones
  • Generates solutions to atomic problems by search, inference, or prediction
  • Synthesizes atomic decisions into sophisticated solutions to your real problems
  • Communicates via semi-structured natural language statements
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Corey is methodical, organized, knowledgeable, and learns from experience

  • Decides when and what internal or external sources to access to get data
  • Remembers every decision for future inspections and learning
  • Expects feedback about generated solutions for self-improvement
  • Explains his decisions and rationale based on his knowledge
  • Uses multi-strategy learning methods adjusted to a problem at hand
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Corey provides core thinking skills and support for your other cognitive agents

  • Is a domain independent thinker, reasoner, and learner ready to help
  • Can represent abstract and domain specific knowledge, as well as any data
  • Provides startup problem resolution and learning capabilities
  • Is prepared to assist you to build your own cognitive agents

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