Trained to make your investigations more efficient and consistent

amy 1st

Amy helps with tedious investigative tasks

  • Collates all necessary internal and external data
  • Assesses risk related to customers and external parties
  • Detects and analyzes suspicious relationships
  • Triages alerts to assess their severity and priority
  • Provides justifications for recommended decisions
amy 2nd

Amy makes operations transparent and compliant

  • Predicts current actions based on historical closed cases
  • Recommends actions based on procedures, policies, and regulations
  • Helps to automate reviews of look-back alerts and alert samples
  • Collects data and helps to respond to subpoenas
  • Improves consistency of decisions of the entire team
amy 3rd

Amy adjusts and learns to be more precise and efficient

  • Allows for tiered interactions to assist, augment, or automate tasks
  • Captures feedback and rating for self-assessment and learning
  • Explains decisions in plain English to be used for case documentation
  • Frees people to work on more important and complex tasks
  • Stays flexible to support KYC, EDD, CDD, FUI analysts

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