Taught to improve your model risk management and compliance

amy 1st

Rick helps with complex analytics of Model Risk Management

  • Creates a transparent framework for your regulatory MRM tasks and artifacts
  • Maintains information necessary to understand and control models coverage
  • Supports semantic representation of results from conceptual soundness analysis
  • Facilitates model performance analysis for validation and optimization
  • Helps with efficient model usage and ongoing monitoring
amy 2nd

Rick is a quant generating and organizing statistical evidence

  • Generates necessary statistics and model performance reports
  • Stores statistics and reports together with their semantic descriptions
  • Organizes statistical evidence supporting model configuration decisions
  • Makes use of machine learning algorithms organized and safe
amy 3rd

Rick is a logician justifying and explaining risk decisions

  • Maps models to data, policies, regulations, red flags, and customer segments
  • Helps to justify model changes and to control change risks
  • Prevents risks of models defects and misuse by collecting and organizing evidence
  • Manages complex structures of dependent component risks
  • Answers questions about your firms’ risk exposure and risk concentration
  • Makes audit easy by providing evidence and instantaneous answers to complex questions

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