Regulatory compliance at your fingertips

Automate compliance tasks

Delegate routine compliance tasks to the knowledge-based automated system.

Reduce costs, save time

Free up your resources by allowing staff to focus on more complex tasks.

Gain control and confidence

Perform easy inspections of system decisions to control risk.

Ask your friendly assistant about regulatory subjects that matter


compliance case investigation requests efficiently and consistently.


previous compliance decisions and actions using regulations, policies, procedures, and data facts.


regulations, policies, procedures, and analytical models by showing their features, relations, applicability conditions, and other necessary risk-based evidence.


models by enabling a set of analytical functions applied to source data and to alerts with their resolutions.


decision rules and their parameters by showing the user relevant historical performance.


data organized in the flexible graph structures that allow to combine regulatory knowledge with data facts.

Take advantage of cutting–edge financial crimes detection solutions

“By making compliance less complex and capacity-demanding, regtech solutions (AI) could free capital to put it to more productive uses.”

Institute of International Finance (IIF) report

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